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Keeping Troops in Iraq
How can the Bush administration claim to be "pro-troop," when they're doing everything possible to keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan longer, with each troop required to stan on longer tours of duty? The best way to say "I'm pro-troops" is to bring them home safely!
Hubris of Microsoft's Vista
First and foremost, what sort of hubris is it when it takes a company (Microsoft) five to six years to release a new operating system, and the new operating system is an almost complete rip-off of another? All the great new features of Vista have been in Mac's OSX for quite some time now. Next is the hubris done to the average consumer, who, to fully utilize this 'revolutionary that's not really revolutionary' operating system, essentially needs to buy a completely new computer - an increased graphics card, multi-core processor, massive upgrade in ram are all recommended just to use the OS.
US Senate & W's Plan for Iraq
The U.S. Senate deserves some congratulations from the increased support criticizing Mr. "W" Bush's plan to send more U.S. troops into the middle of Iraq's civil war. This is especially true since the newest criticism comes from "W"s party. There is, however, the more imperative question: will the Senate go far enough to stop the hubris of the President & the hubris of the war?
Pro Troops, Anti War, and Patriotic.
Just a brief reminder: there is no contradiction in being pro-troop, anti-war and patriotic. Many of the world's great patriots have been pro-troop and anti-war. We should support our troops and our veterans, but war, any war, has a level of hubris that it's incalculable: regardless of the cause of conflict - the offensive army strokes its ego believing it has a justifiable cause; the defensive army strokes its ego in knowing that an injustice has come upon them. The hubris is even almost worse if the defensive side is the looser: it makes many martyrs.
Hyper Political Anti-Hubris
Go Stewart!

Quite Anti-Hubristic!
W's Katrina
A headline reads "Bush Remembers Victims of Katrina." How exactly does he remember them? Does he remember ignoring everyone who told him the levies would break?

What damnable Hubris for him to go to New Orleans on Katrina's anniversary in faux-humility, when his hubris caused so much pain and suffering to begin with.
Employer Appreciation
It is [NOT] a glorious thing when an employee is genuinely devoted to a company, works extra hours & works harder than the employer, and the employee is completely unappreciated solely because of the employer's hubris.
A Tale of Two Soldiers - Part I
Soldiers, civilians, and everyone in-between, above, below, etc. could be kidnapped especially when two parties conflict. So, why was Israel surprised that two soldiers got kidnapped? We're not saying that Hezbollah is any way in the right - we're not, we're very very very anti-terror. But it is a bit hubristic to cause a full scale humanitarian crisis from an almost inevitable consequence of extended conflicts.
Beirut - Welcome to Democracy
The degree of hubris is almost unimaginable - evacuees required to pay the military for evacuation from Beirut? Welcome to Democracy - pure capitalistic style.
So, the U.S. is at war(s). The War in Iraq, The War on Drugs, The War on Terror, The War on Civil Liberties (usually known as 'The Patriot Act'), and so on. Regardless of which 'war,' one reefers to, nothing gives the U.S. the right to by-pass the Geneva Conventions and disregard the rights of any detainee. The U.S. Supreme Court already ruled that even detained members of Al Qaeda are afforded said rights. Why then, is there even debate on this issue? War is war, terror is terror, but a detainee is a detainee - regardless of the war or the terror.
New Resources is happy to announce several new resources. We've been working quintuple overtime to put together a resource to Get to Know and Know How to Contact Your Elected Representative Betterer Than Elsewhere, which includes an RSS reader to help you stay up to date with other useful resources, e.g. recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, the most recent political news, etc.

We also put together a resource to help you Get to Know and Know How to Contact a US Senator, which includes contact information of the 100 U.S. Senators. To help keep you up to date with the latest Senatorial news, we've also included a RSS stream from the Senators that use RSS.

For our third new resource, we've made e-mail subscriptions to our own RSS feeds as easy as apple pie. Enjoy!

Ramblin' On or What's in a Location?
We thought all was well, well we were wrong. The Stop The Diatribe Department (sometimes it seems they are slower than us, what with the computer problems we had for 15 years and all), realized that if we continued along the lines of their suggestion #1 of the last post (A Place For Ramblin' and Random Recordin') - our beloved home-page would never load in even the most super-highspeed-ultra-hyper-fast internet connection: even w/ archivin' et all, we'd just babble on too much. Ergo, our Ramblin' and Recordin' Ramblings were randomly relocated to this comfy spot (the view is extraordinary! - and it's the location that was random).

Well, this spot is our permanent musing local, we've done gone and heard that too much relocatin' can break the web - and we don't want all our hard pontificatin' and erudition to go to waste (we fired our old architect... what?... don't worry about the cannon smoke, it'll clear in just a sec).

What's in a location anyway? We like this new permanent place, it was too much pressure being out front and center, the limelight was causing a bit of vertigo, and we can't well ramble on when we can't tell up from down.

Anyway, carry on & enjoy in all its splendor!
A Place For Ramblin' and Random Recordin'
We have spent quite a lot of time (way, way too much!) trying to figure out a proper location for jotting down and posting our random thoughts on Hubris and Anti-Hubris - So many thoughts (as dumb as they may be) quickly come and go.

We really, really wanted a place to post our thoughts before they float off into the ether, esp. given the ubiquity and intensity of hubris in every area of our modern world. There wasn’t anyplace in our site that seemed just right.

Then, a stroke of luck! We were musing on the subject when a squadron of the Stop The Diatribe Department happened upon us.

They told us that they would stop interrupting our wonderful diatribes in some of our favorite areas of the site (we think they want us to focus more on the Hubrometer), if two things occurred: 1. We change our outdated homepage & put our ramblings there; and 2. Redo the site’s layout – it looked very nice but the css and graphics made each page take a very long time to load, even with many of the types of broadband.

We really didn’t mind the first ultimatum of the Stop the Diatribe Department, but their second demand… We spent so long on making the site look so very, very cool. Our first though was to simply purchase a super-hyper-ultra-high-speed Internet connection for everyone in the world.

When we proposed our brilliant idea to our treasurer, she passed out on the spot. After she explained the economics of our idea, we then proposed to redo the entire structure of the Internet to super-hyper-ultra-high-speed connections via tin cans & twine. Our treasurer told us that this idea was fine, but the expenses had to come out of our petty cash.

Everything from there on out seemed to be going very smooth, and then we hit a snag. It turns out that $3.67 doesn’t buy near enough tin cans or twine. What’s worse was that no “Computer Guru” or “Super Techie” could figure out how to get computers to utilize our new infrastructure.

Alas! We finally gave in to the Stop The Diatribe Department’s second demand, and redid the site’s layout (the current one is just a momentary placeholder).

Besides these two alterations, the site is otherwise unaffected, so go & enjoy!